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A QuickScan, what's that?

A QUICKScan is a compact project description that can be used as reference material for Junior Entreprises. In an early stage of a (future) project, e.g. a preliminary investigation, a short description of a similar project (that has already been carried out successfully) may be useful. To estimate the time it will take or to compare the progress that is made. You may even look for Junior Entreprises that have more experience in a certain field, to cooperate or to get advice. This database intends to provide this information to every Junior Entreprise.

All Juniors can fill out the form to add a new QUICKScan to help other Juniors and even your own Junior members in the future by storing a compact description after finishing the project.

Use the QuickLinks on the side to search the database or fill out the form to add a new QUICKScan. These pages also provide information on how to fill out the form or use the database.

We hope this database will be a useful part of the Knowledge Center for you as well.

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